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Tips To Increase The Success For Social Security Disability Claims

The word disability shatters down a person emotionally, mentally, and financially. Individuals who suffer through this challenging time need assistance. A Social Security Disability Insurance program is developed to offer financial help and support those who are permanently disabled due to injury or illness caused. There are about a million of people who have filed their disability case with Social Security Administration. There are merely 35% disability claims that are granted for approval. Many requests are denied as they fail to meet the basic eligibility requirements. If you are one seeking help regarding the claim, get in touch with a nearest Lee County Social Security Office

If you want to contact an efficient attorney who can give the right advice about social security office near you, then Berke Law Firm can be the best destination. 

Some tips to increase the chances of success when filing a claim:

Claim the application at the right time- You should apply for benefits when you are at least five months off from work. Also, your disability must prohibit you from working for at least 12 months. If you file sooner, there are chances your claim could be denied due to your condition viewed as not too severe.

Make sure you doctor support your application- You need to overlook many factors carefully and thoughtfully while preparing for an applicant. Your doctor should provide you a written statement justifying the severity of your condition. 

Copy of Medical Records- Your medical records are crucial as it would give a clear idea about your condition. Make sure you include all copies of medical record along with application to decrease the time overlooked to complete the claim process. 

Cooperate with the examiner- There are millions of applications received each year and review the claim. They come to visit and look for your condition. If you do not cooperate with reviewing, there are higher chances that you would receive a denial of Social Security Disability payments.

Hire an Attorney- A qualified lawyers at Social Security Office Naples would help you in attempting proper paperwork and acquiring right medical documentation. In the claim, your attorney would file a request for reconsideration.

Out of 10, only three applicants are approved when initially submitted; an attorney can help you increase your odds of success of Social Security Disability Benefits. You can appeal for a denial process which might stretch from months to years. A Social Security Office Port Charlotte understands applicant condition when they are without a source of income and cause financial devastation. Therefore, it is essential to determine a few things you can do to improve the chances of getting a favorable decision at the initial stage of the process. 

Berke Law Firm P.A would improve your chances of obtaining a positive outcome for your claims. We are experienced attorneys who routinely deal with thousands of applicants and appeals. We would ensure that you get most of your legal rights and compensation. Book a free consultation today!



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